luni, 3 noiembrie 2008

So true!!!

Grey's Anatomy!!! este un serial pe care îl ador!!! Care în majoritatea episoadelor are câte o "replică" super tare... printre cele mai interesante ar fi:
"And we hope, against all logics, against all experience...

Sometimes close ... could be to close!

Here's the truth about the truth ... it hurts, so... WE LIE!!!

We're fine people ... we do fine... we're fine!!!

Because no matter how bad a thing is hurting us ... some times letting it go hurts even more!

The expected is just the begining, the unexpected is what changes our life!

The most we can hope for is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget!

Being aware of your crap and actualy overcoming your crap are actually two different things.

So, we have to remember, sometimes the most important history is the one we're making today!

No matter how mutch we grow taller, we grow older ... we are still forever stumbling, forever wondering, forever young!

I'm scared as hell to want you, but here I am wanting you anyway!

Some days the whole world seems upside down and then, somehow improbably, and when you less expect it the world rights itself again!!!

At the end of the day, the fact that we show up for each other, inspite of our defferences, no matter what we believe in, is reason enough to keep believing...

You're telling yourself you're a hero when in reality all you are is alone...

Don't wonder why people go crazy, wonder why they don't ... in the face of all we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what the hell it is that makes us hold it together... "

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